Ryan Strand Greenberg

Spring Arts 2017

Spring Arts 2017

Videos by Creative Outfit

Spring Arts is home to Philadelphia’s first ever rotating, outdoor gallery.

In 2016 I was contracted by Mural Arts Philadelphia to curate a series of murals in partnership with Arts and Crafts Holdings—whose vision was to reimagine the Callowhill neighborhood as Spring Arts—we united various local artists, with different relationships to the neighborhood, to create novel and expressive works.

In 2017, we expanded the collection of public work by adding five new murals to the neighborhood. These temporary projects by Whitney Alexander, Glossblack, Susan Nam, Shawn Theodore celebrate a unique aspect of the neighborhood – A projection inspired by the neighborhoods' industrial past and it's evolving future, a photographic mural celebrating the individuals who live and work in the neighborhood, a whimsical landscape paying tribute to it's unique topography, a collage weaving cultural diversity, and a seven story sign inspired by the ghost signs of past industries.

Features: Curbed Philly | Mural Arts | Philadelphia Inquirer | Curbed Philly | Streets Dept 

Photographs by Ryan Strand Greenberg & Steve Weinik

Project Partners: Mural Arts Philadelphia, Arts + Crafts Holdings

Special Thanks: Kelly Edwards, Sam Spetner, Ryne Fuller, Creative Outfit