Photography Starting at $2.50

Photography starting at ($2.50) was an uncommissioned public art project that took shape in Philadelphia's City Hall subway station in 2017. This station is a central hub for people traveling to every corner of Philadelphia using Septa's Market Frankford Line, Broad Street Line, and Trolley Lines. 

The project utilized empty metal frames, formerly used for public service and safety announcements, as temporary exhibition space on each subway line. This highly ephemeral exhibition was updated weekly with three new photographs - one on each subway line. These artworks featured the people, places, and stories of Philadelphia and beyond in two sizes: 11x17in and 22x22in. These prints typically lasted in these frames for short periods – some of the works were removed or thrown away by Septa officials, some were taken home by subway riders and framed, and some stayed exhibited for as long as a week, where people could engage with them. 

The project garnered attention from several news networks and Septa, who issued the public response: "There is a formal process people have to go through to advertise ...we have to remove it, regardless of how nice it is to the naked eye." 

Another reporter disagreed: "..honestly you should pay Ryan and fellow Philly artists to fill your stations with art. Some cities have music on their subway platforms; why can't Philly be the city with rotating local art on our subway platforms?". 

Ryan Strand Greenberg
Additional Support
Philadelphia subway riders, Septa platform staff, Conrad Benner, Michael Battaglia, Britney Ruud, Vince Johnson, James Laughlin, Bill Anderson, Katie Tackman