Monument Lab Future Memory Podcast

Monument Lab's Future Memory is a public art and history podcast. Each episode, hosts Paul Farber and Li Sumpter explore stories and critical conversations around the past, present, and future of monuments. We speak to the artists, activists, and historians on the frontlines, building the next generation of public spaces through stories of social justice and equity. These are the monumental people, places, and ideas of our time.

This season explores current movements and practices in storytelling, anti-racist education, and ancestral remembrance. We follow a recent effort to preserve the legacy of Black women and femme poets in Philadelphia, discuss flight as a metaphor for black liberation and transformation and investigate one of Philly's most monumental destinations visited by millions from around the world each year --- the Rocky Statue.

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Paul Farber & Li Sumpter
Ryan Strand Greenberg
Production Team
Nico Rodriguez, Aubree Penney, Jenn Cleary
Producing Partner
Radio Kismet
Corina Chang, Jonai Gibson-Selix, Dina Paola Rodriguez, William Hodgson, Raina Wellman
Additional Support
Britney Ruud, Kristen Giannantonio, Justin Berger, Christopher Plant, & generous guests of Future Memory.
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