History of Now

"The Future" is a story we tell, a story of hope, dread, or wonder. 

The History of NOW was a free public program developed for the Philadelphia Museum of Art as part of their Designs for Different Futures exhibition. History of Now encouraged the "long view," asking visitors what is important to communicate to future generations about "NOW." 

Throughout the program, individuals, young and old, shared typed memories, wishes, and important stories that reflect on the future as a continuation of the present. This in-person program was held on January 22nd – 2 days after what we now know to be the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the United States. These contributed stories function as a time capsule of the extreme present, shaping and contextualizing our understanding of "NOW."

*The History of Now was a collaborative public program including artwork by Alicia Eggert & Typewriters by Philly Typewriter. Eggert's kinetic sculpture contains a series of clock hands that rotate continuously, aligning briefly once every 20 seconds to form the word NOW before moving on in rotation.

Alicia Eggert, Philly Typewriter
Ryan Strand Greenberg
James Bonney, Andrea Grasso
Additional Support
Linnea West, Caitlin Deutsch, Justine Kelley, Eric Preisidanz, Media Copy, Everything Plastic, Theo Loftis
Additional Support
Britney Ruud
Contributors on 1.20.20
Philadelphia Museum of Art