Elixr Art Program

Elixr's Art Program is a public art initiative housed within an independent coffee shop.

Since 2012, Elixr has uplifted the work of local, national, and international artists and artisans, commissioning over 50 new works to date. This award-winning program features rotating exhibitions and events by early and mid-career artists working in sculpture, painting, design, poetry, culinary arts, and performance. 

The program recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with the Heart on Your Sleeve exhibition – a winter-long public art and poetry initiative bringing together Philadelphia poets, artists, and designers to co-create compassionate works that appeared on insulated take-out coffee sleeves and in public artworks at Elixr Coffee. The project was co-curated by Molly B. Gross and made possible with the Poetry Project's support.

Below is a subset of projects from the last ten years.

Ryan Strand Greenberg
Yis Goodwin, Jim Houser, Isaac Lin, Miriam Singer, Keith Greiman, Jason Andrew Turner, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Lynnea Holland Weiss, Destiny Palmer, Jonai Gibson Selix, RAIR, Jeremiah Jordan, Sojourner Ahebee, Dilruba Ahmed, Husnaa Haajarah Hashim, Sham-e-Ali Nayeem, Ursula Rucker, Eleanor Wilne, Jonai Gibson-Selix, Hester Stinnett, Gerri Spilka, Amze Emmons, Hyland Mather, Claes Gabriel, Carla Weeks, Todd Marone, Lauren Cat West, Tim Gough, Austin Lotz, Ryne Fuller, Thom Lessner, Max Seckel, Margherita Urbani, Ryan Psota, Nate Harris, Vessna Scheff, Emilia Brintnall, Crystal Kovacs, Hawk Krall, Courtney Brown, Dan Kent, Lydia Nichols, Andrea Grasso, Molly Egan, Sam Spetner, Listening Room at Elixr, Jimmy Simpson, Jenny McGee Dougherty, Travis Whiteneck
Elixr Family
Evan Inatome, Vince Johnson, Christine Hughes, April Nett, Britney Ruud,Tom Cladek, Matt Fisher, Randall Greenleaf, Josh Croston, Willa Jaffe, Donavan Andrews, Britney Ruud, Tyler Feickert, Natalie Harris, Brian Lam, Rachel Allison, Ben Silkes, Will Darwall, Kendra Sledzinski, Alex Rotundo, D Stubblefield, Heidi Zhao, Josh Schurr
Additional Support
Molly Gross, Britney Ruud, Damon Landry, Ksenia Nouril, Jane Golden, Conrad Benner, Liz Spungen, John Caperton, Smith & Dicton, Karina Puente, Sasha Bogojev, Edwin Akrong, Tayyib Smith, Libby Rosoff, Amy Johnson, Andy Rementer, Gab Bonghi, Kees Holterman, Yards Brewing, Philadelphia Style Bagels, & Pizza, Hungry Pigeon, Four Finger Press, Fireball Printing, Awesome Dudes Printing, Philadelphia Printworks, The Print Center, ICA, Wood Street Pizza, Little Baby's Ice Cream
Elixr Coffee