Blue Sky or Sky Blue?

Blue Sky or Sky Blue? is an interactive art installation by Andrew Herzog that explores and illuminates the spectrum of color in our sky.

Ever-changing, this public art exhibition offered an opportunity for visitors to witness the sky changing color dynamically throughout short periods of time. As viewers move through the exhibit, viewing the sky from different perspectives, the installation becomes an instrument of measurement, expanding our perception of the environment as static. Through this self-guided exploration, Blue Sky or Sky Blue reconnects its visitors with the shifting natural rhythms and dynamism of our inhabited environment.

The installation consists of four large-scale mirrored structures. Each mirror is elevated at a forty-five-degree angle to reflect the sky. The mirror's surface contains a blue dot of a different hue. Through the viewer's eyes, the blue dots appear and disappear as the sky changes color rapidly throughout the day.

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Andrew Herzog
Ryan Strand Greenberg
Joseph Amsel, Conrad Benner
Additional Support
Kirby Herzog, Britney Ruud, Punch Willie Thompson, Lavelle Young, Tim Lynch, Emma-Fried Cassorla
Project Partners
Delaware River Waterfront Corporation,The Philadelphia Science Festival
The Franklin Institute