Ryan Strand Greenberg


Limited Edition Print

Mary Dorthy Bain’s Headstone Relief Study Pokeberry Anthotype Reproduction

20 x 24 inches. Inkjet on 300GSM Fine Art Paper. Signed and Dated by Ryan Strand Greenberg. Edition of Five (numbered).

Limited Edition Print

This is a reproduction of an Anthotype, made using Pokeweed, from The Island That Likes to Be Visited – an exhibition held at the Woodlands Cemetery and Mansion in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

The Island That Likes To Be Visited was an exhibition of Anthotypes,by Ryan Strand Greenberg, that was created as part of Philadelphia Artist Collective’s Artist in Residence program in Summer 2018. The work from the exhibition was created during the month of August, using plant pigments from flower petals, berries, weeds, and nuts found in and around The Woodlands Cemetery. The exhibit was held in conjunction with PAC’s production of Mary Rose written by J.M. Barrie, and is inspired by the botanical history of Woodland’s Cemetery.

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