Ryan Strand Greenberg

NFL Draft

2017 NFL Draft

In 2017 the NFL Draft came to Philadelphia and rather than team projections, we had the crowd buzzing about art—only fitting considering the three-day event took place on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Working with the NFL and Mural Arts to add a creative element to the NFL fan experience, this unique project, Painting the Future, brought 16 local artists together to create 32 painted canvases celebrating the first-round picks…as they happened.

I was responsible for artist selection, production, and logistics of the feature, and though it was unlike anything I’ve done before, the real-time art was a major hit. As each draftee learned their fate, our artists created compositions of the players and the teams to which they were joining. And for fans watching on, we captured the beauty of the draft in a whole new way.

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Photographs by Steve Weinik