Ryan Strand Greenberg

Navy Yard

Philadelphia Navy Yard 

Hanging flags that flow in the wind like ships’ sails. Bright patterned stairs that double as benches. A mural paying homage to naval designs of World War I. These are just a few of the temporary installations that pulled into Philadelphia’s newest destination for unexpected art — The Navy Yard. 

As curator and project manager on this series, I worked with Philadelphia illustrator, Nate Harris on this cross disciplinary series, which activated the 1,200-acre Navy Yard campus with colorful installations tailored to their corresponding spaces. The project was a first-of-its-kind for the Navy Yard, and although temporary every detail of the art left a lasting impression.

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Photographs by Ryan Strand Greenberg & Steve Weinik

Project Partners: Mural Arts Philadelphia, PIDC, Roe Fabricators, Big Mountain Printing

Special Thanks: Todd Bressi, Britney Ruud, James Bonney, Space 1026, Next Fab