Ryan Strand Greenberg
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Blue Sky or Sky Blue?

Video by Joseph Amsel

Blue Sky or Sky Blue? is an interactive art installation by Andrew Herzog that explores and illuminates the spectrum of color in our sky.

Ever changing, this public art exhibition offers an opportunity for its visitors to explore the sky changing color dynamically throughout short periods of time. As viewers walk through the exhibit, viewing the sky from different perspectives, the installation is used as an instruments of measurement.Through this self guided exploration, Blue Sky or Sky Blue? reconnects its visitors with the shifting natural rhythms and dynamism of our inhabited environment.

  • Project Partners: Mural Arts Philadelphia, Cherry Street Pier, Fairmount Park Conservancy, Arlington Art Truck, Parkway Council Foundation, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, and Schuylkill River Development Corporation. 

  • Special Thanks: Nicole Allen White, Josh Nims, Cynthia Connelly, Sarah Eberle, Emma Fried-Cassarola, Basmah Sorathia, Robert Carter, Tennis Crider, Amalia Wiatr Lewis, Wefilm Philly, and Joseph Amsel