Ryan Strand Greenberg
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Spring Garden

Spring Garden


Spring Garden is about contemporary spaces meshing with the history that preceded them.

This vinyl applique is the newest installation at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, by artist Destiny Palmer. In this mural, Palmer explores how color and pattern evoke memory and engage in a multicultural and multigenerational conversation.

As a curator on this project, I worked with Destiny to develop a design using digital manipulation to transform one piece of art by layering drawings, gestures, and color to allow for multiple reiterations that could be repeated like fractals. This mural, installed on a concrete barrier at the entrance of the Navy Yard's 1200-acre campus, is intentionally placed in a high-traffic intersection. The work evolves and transforms through the viewers experience in transit.

Gina's mural is about contemporary spaces meshing with the history that preceded them. Philadelphia is full of the angles of our new buildings, and it’s situated on gentle slopes between these two beautiful rivers. This imagery connects the language of geometric abstraction with the vernacular of folk art in order to show how the past informs the present. See attached for an image 

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